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I'm a grad student in Biological Oceanography who loves science and the environment and is sick to death about how they are being presented to the world. Yes, there are a lot of problems with this world, and yes, scientists have identified a lot of these problems, but they have also identified a lot of solutions. Hopefully this blog can be a place where you can come and find some solutions and helpful links and some simple ways to change your habits. Bit by bit, we can change things for the better.

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Just say no to Keurigs

The second I saw a Keurig five years ago, I was concerned about the amount of unnecessary single-use plastic the K-Cups were causing.  The fact that the machine forces boiling hot water through plastic, releasing some of those unpleasant chemicals straight into your coffee also terrified me.  But this article raises all kinds of uncomfortable other points, most importantly about the water tank in a Keurig.  Convenience almost always comes at a steep price.

Note:  I trust almost all of the sources in this article, but I normally don’t link to blogs that aren’t extremely well-cited.  However, and the Keurig website are legitimate sources.  But as always, double check what you are reading on the internet.

Way to go Crest! →

Lets go Seventh Generation.

Lets go Seventh Generation.

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Saturday is International Coastal Cleanup Day! Find a beach cleanup in your area and join the worldwide cleanup! Together we can help limit what gets into our oceans.

Blue Mind book review →

Do yourself a favor and buy this amazing new book about our psychological relationship to water.  Rooted in real science and a compelling read.  Then jump into your nearest body of water and just enjoy it.

It exists! Eco-friendly bubble wrap! Would love it to be 100% recycle, but got to start somewhere. Thanks U-Line!

It exists! Eco-friendly bubble wrap! Would love it to be 100% recycle, but got to start somewhere. Thanks U-Line!

Haven’t posted in weeks because I’ve been out at sea doing oceanographic research. It’s nice to be back on land, but I miss the sea breeze and the amazing animals we saw every day!

Conserve water by gardening with native and drought-resistant plants. We’ll get through this drought together California.

Old Public Buses Are Being Turned Into New Public Showers For A Really Great Reason →

Some of the coolest upcycling I have ever seen.  Helping the city I love the most. 

‘Green’ buildings appear to boost health of low-income residents →

One more reason to love green building.  Also, this study was led by one of my favorite people I’ve ever researched with.  Thanks for helping keep us healthy Meryl!