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I'm a grad student in Biological Oceanography who loves science and the environment and is sick to death about how they are being presented to the world. Yes, there are a lot of problems with this world, and yes, scientists have identified a lot of these problems, but they have also identified a lot of solutions. Hopefully this blog can be a place where you can come and find some solutions and helpful links and some simple ways to change your habits. Bit by bit, we can change things for the better.

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Blue Mind book review →

Do yourself a favor and buy this amazing new book about our psychological relationship to water.  Rooted in real science and a compelling read.  Then jump into your nearest body of water and just enjoy it.

It exists! Eco-friendly bubble wrap! Would love it to be 100% recycle, but got to start somewhere. Thanks U-Line!

It exists! Eco-friendly bubble wrap! Would love it to be 100% recycle, but got to start somewhere. Thanks U-Line!

Haven’t posted in weeks because I’ve been out at sea doing oceanographic research. It’s nice to be back on land, but I miss the sea breeze and the amazing animals we saw every day!

Conserve water by gardening with native and drought-resistant plants. We’ll get through this drought together California.

Old Public Buses Are Being Turned Into New Public Showers For A Really Great Reason →

Some of the coolest upcycling I have ever seen.  Helping the city I love the most. 

‘Green’ buildings appear to boost health of low-income residents →

One more reason to love green building.  Also, this study was led by one of my favorite people I’ve ever researched with.  Thanks for helping keep us healthy Meryl! 

I just want to clarify that I’m not here to tell you to go all Ed Begley Jr. tomorrow because the ocean is filled with plastic. Instead I just want you to think about making one small change. One small change that you try and abide by regularly to reduce the amount of plastic you use.

Put a reusable bag in your car so you always have a bag at the grocery store. Use tupperware instead of a plastic baggies. Buy something you really want used instead of new (and save money…SCORE!). Bring a reusable water bottle/coffee mug. Cloth diapers if you dare. Cloth wipes if you double dare. Pick up a piece of trash and put it in a waste basket. Use a razor with replaceable blades. Even better, look badass and use a straight razor. Buy laundry detergent in cardboard boxes. Switch out your plastic microbead face wash for one with a natural biodegradable exfoliant like apricot seeds. Use paper disposable plates and compostable dinnerware. Reuse a ziploc bag or get compostable ones. Throw your cigarette butt in the trash instead of the street. Hold onto that bottle until you find an appropriate recycling bin.

Once you get the hang of this one change, add another. It might take a while to make the change a habit, but stick with it. Because I seriously do believe that a little change by everyone is much more effective than one person changing everything. And we all need a little less plastic in this world.

— Kim Martini, Deep Sea News

The Ocean Cleanup, Part 1: Alternatives to reduce ocean plastic | Deep Sea News →

Great post by Kim at Deep Sea News on companies and organizations that are actively working on decreasing ocean plastic right now, and on simple changes that you can make to reduce your plastic footprint!

Bag It The Movie: Is Your Life Too Plastic? →

So excited to watch this film in two weeks at a special screening. Check out their trailer and website at the link above!  How often are you refusing plastic bags?


Rare Indian Rhino Born at Cincinnati Zoo is a World First

This rare Indian Rhino calf was born through artificial insemination, preserving the genetic material of its father, who died 10 years ago at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Learn more at Zooborns.

Whoa, science! Save the rhinos! Despite what traditional Chinese medicine may want to believe, there has never been any proven medical benefit of rhino tusks. There is however ecological benefits of live rhinos in their habitats, and our happiness benefits in seeing baby ones. Stay cute little guy!